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"Now is the time to bring about the change we need, to build a more inclusive and prosperous community for all. Join me in this journey to make a difference and champion the values of integrity, compassion, and progress. Let's work together to create a better future for South Carolina."
Reproductive Rights

As Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg rightly stated, “the ongoing efforts to chip away at the clear rulings established by this court in Roe v. Wade and abortion laws cannot be understood as anything other than an attempt to undermine fundamental rights.” 

When the people of District 118 send me to Columbia, I vow to fight fearlessly for a woman's fundamental right to make decisions about her own body.


South Carolina's legislators are trying to take us back in time with anti-DEI laws. and anti-LGBTQ laws. 


South Carolina's school system is in urgent need of attention. Ranking 42nd in the nation, our schools are not providing the quality education our children deserve. I am committed to advocating for a stronger public school system that prioritizes the well-being and success of our students. Education is crucial for building a brighter future for our community, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that every child has access to a high-quality education.

I stand with our teachers. Teachers must be supported, not only with increased salaries commensurate with the efforts they expend, but also by not passing legislation intended to punish teachers for teaching history or comforting and assisting marginalized students.

Common Sense Gun Safety

Gun violence remains a pressing issue that cannot be ignored. South Carolina ranks 5th in gun-related homicides and 8th in all gun-related deaths. Despite these alarming statistics, our state laws allow for the right to carry firearms without proper training. It's time to address this issue and implement sensible gun safety measures to protect our communities. 


As a health care professional, I know first-hand that health care should be a right. Every South Carolinian - and every American - should have access to affordable health care.

I believe that mental health care IS health care. We must prioritize access to mental health care for all, both to reduce crime and increase quality of life and ability to pursue happiness for all citizens.

The Bluffton area and SC at large lacks health care professionals and specialists. Hospitals across the state have closed. We can do better for our citizens. I will work to find ways to preserve and modernize our hospitals and health care facilities, attract health care professionals to our state, and educate a new generation of South Carolinians to fill these roles in coming years.

Veteran's Rights

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