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Veteran - Business Owner - Mother

 Charity Owens embodies a life dedicated to service, rooted in a proud military heritage that spans generations. As a military veteran, she embodies the values of honor, duty, and community, instilled in her by her family's longstanding tradition of service. Guided by the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice, Charity believes in the transformative power of these core values to drive progress and unity in her community. 

 In addition to her military background, Charity is a devoted mother to six children and a nurturing figure to five additional children. Her role as a parent has shaped her perspective on compassion, empathy, and the importance of creating a better future for the next generation. This deep connection to family and community fuels her commitment to service and advocacy for a more inclusive and equitable society. 


 Charity's dedication to service extends beyond her immediate family; she volunteers her time mentoring young women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and single mothers. Her guidance and support provide these individuals with the opportunity to thrive and succeed, breaking barriers and forging new paths for themselves. Additionally, Charity's commitment to healthcare extends to giving away free services to those who cannot afford them, embodying her belief in the power of generosity and compassion to uplift those in need. 


 As an employer overseeing a team of 70+ individuals in the Beaufort County area, Charity's leadership extends to creating opportunities for others to grow and succeed. Her work with seniors and disabled children further underscores her passion for making a positive impact in the lives of those facing challenges. Charity's dedication to service, advocacy, and mentorship reflects her unwavering commitment to building a more compassionate and supportive community for all.


 In addition to her service-oriented mindset, Charity brings a wealth of experience in financial management and real estate to her candidacy. With a successful career in real estate, a brokerage in the Bluffton area, and as an assistant broker in Georgia, Charity's expertise equips her with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate complex financial landscapes and advocate for policies that benefit her community. Stay tuned as Charity Owens leverages her values, experiences, and unwavering dedication to lead with integrity, compassion, and a vision for a brighter future for all.

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